How to Enjoy this Course


Wisdom Keeping Words to Begin Our Journey

by Erika Gagnon, Canadian Artist and Ceremonial Leader

"These are important and historic times ... as we are forced to realize how truly interconnected we all are here, together on this giant ball of earth, fire, water & air, floating in the middle of the Cosmos...

I encourage you to remain calm and to be kind and gentle with yourself and others... reminding you that in every crisis lie great teachings and gifts for us all.

Reminding you that you are your greatest healer, and to continue to transform and transmute any discordant & destructive energies with more love, more gratitude, more forgiveness and more compassion...

Reminding you that you are here for a reason... You were born for these times... with your gifts to share in the service of unconditional love for yourself, humanity, all beings and this Earth...

Let us reexamine our lives, our beliefs, and our goals, and guide ourselves and our communities towards a new vision and a new reality of human existence upon this planet..."

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