Designed to Blossom

A Creative Self-Study Course in Human Design for people who long to honor their True Nature and fully blossom

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  • You often find that traditional definitions and paths towards success don’t fit you
  • You’re tired of paddling upstream, while second-guessing yourself at every turn
  • You’re ready to feel a whole new level of ease and flow in your life
  • You’re new to Human Design, or have found certain approaches to the system a bit ‘heady’, rule-based or overwhelming
  • You are committed to making a loving difference in the world, but can’t seem to get your own life into balance
  • You know you have so much to offer, but somehow you still feel invisible
  • You want to learn how to cut through the noise, ‘shoulds’ and pressures all around you, so that you can finally just BE yourself and enjoy your life!
    Designed to Blossom...
    ...offers a compassionate, transformative and Gene Keys-embracing approach to Human Design. Whether you participate in the online course or purchase the Creative Workbook & Foundational Course, you will be guided—petal by petal—through a highly experiential and psychologically grounded journey of liberation. If you want to expand your understanding, refine your experiment and receive heartfelt guidance, you will love the Designed to Blossom Resource Book.

    Designed to Blossom has been lovingly created for people who:

    • have explored Human Design elsewhere, but are longing for a nuanced, compassionate, relationally-grounded and paradox-embracing way of working with this powerful system, and...
    • want to bridge Human Design with Richard Rudd’s Gene Keys, and Rudd’s and Pitzal’s Integral Human Design

    Rosy's unique approach to Human Design will empower you to meet life head-on with vitality, and to respond to everyday (and very human!) challenges with creative grounding, emotional maturity and self-respect.

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    I was born into a warm, creative, self-sacrificing and slightly neurotic Jewish-American family.

    From the day I burst out of my mother’s womb, I was a ‘highly-sensitive’ being. Despite years of twisting myself into pretzels, attempting to ‘succeed’, be selfless, pleasing and invisible all at the same time, I continuously flew in the face of personal and cultural conditioning.

    While studying Transpersonal Psychology and Social Change At the University of Michigan, I expanded my world view and struggled for the rights of any potentially oppressed people I could get my hands on. At the University of Seville in my Junior Year, I met a tall, blonde, anarchistic (and considerably ‘woo woo’) Danish artist who turned my relatively conservative academic life upside down.

    Instead of going down the expected care-taking Ph.D. track, I moved to Denmark to explore my artistic dreams and reclaim the creative muse within who had always existed, but was never prioritized.

    (I had learned early on that to earn the right to exist, I had to find a way to serve others that could be intelligibly talked about at dinner parties!)

    It was never my plan to stay in Denmark, but I did — for eight years (seven without the blonde! But that’s another story!).

    No longer burdened by conventional “American” conditioning, I joyously followed my instincts and partook in a rich buffet of ‘alternative’ experiences.

    As I shed the weight of cookie-cutter expectations, I discovered myself — and even managed to transcend a life-long pattern of sacrificing my needs and suppressing my light in order to protect the people I loved.

    After an unbridled year of art making and exhibiting my work, I longed to reintegrate my love of embodied learning and artful service. So I trained and became certified as a breathworker, and then continued my education at the Institute for Art Therapy (where I met my wonderful husband, Kim).

    By 1991, I was happily self-employed and the co-founder of the Center for Water Rebirthing in Copenhagen.

    As my private practice evolved, I worked as a Jungian-inspired art therapist, creativity workshop facilitator, and supervisor/teacher for alternative healing professionals who longed to incorporate the wisdom of depth psychology into their work with clients. In response to the challenges and pitfalls I witnessed in alternative learning and healing communities, I wrote a book called Walking a Fine Line: Being Professional in the New Age.

    In the mid 90′s, Kim’s hunger for adventure joined my growing desire to return ‘home’ as my empowered, authentic, culturally & spiritually liberated self.

    So we sold our Danish home, packed our bags, and moved back to the States — settling close to the place where I grew up, in the Northern suburbs of Chicago.

    Despite my great expectations, returning ‘home’ to the States was NO PICNIC!

    I was surrounded by family and friends who loved me. But they had no clue about what I’d been doing all those years abroad, or how my experiences had changed me. And to my utter dismay, none of my European credentials or professional experience were recognized in the States.

    If I wanted a life like the one I had in Denmark, I’d have to start ALL OVER.

    As my new disturbing reality sunk in, and meaningful job search failed miserably, I began to panic.

    Desperate for work, I accepted a job for which I was entirely unqualified, and which was located (don’t think I don’t get the irony here!) just across the hall from my father’s pediatric practice.

    I became a…DENTAL ASSISTANT! (You read right!)

    As the months — and years — passed, and I finally learned the difference between Bicuspids and Molars, memories from my liberated ‘past life’ drifted into the remote corners of my mind.

    I’ll never forget the moment I was standing by a patient’s side. The woman looked up at me, dressed in my powder blue mask and smock, and in all sincerity asked, “So, Rosy, is your dream to become a dentist one day?”

    That kind, innocent question ripped to shreds any last illusion I had that my life made sense.

    When I got home, I had a total and complete melt down. My poor husband held me while I sobbed, and sobbed, and sobbed.

    How could this have happened? I had spent the past 15 years on a path of uncompromisingly courageous course towards authenticity.

    And here I was, living in an American suburb, holding a Spoon Excavator in my hand, completely unrecognizable to myself and everyone around me.

    That night, I looked in the mirror, for a good long time. And then it hit me.

    I had devolved! I had become Rosy the 17-year-old.

    There she was, looking right back at me, still living close to her parents, feeling, thinking and doing all of the things that helped her survive her child/teenage-hood.

    I was:

    • Sacrificing and ignoring my needs, wants and instincts for the sake of my relationships
    • Trying to please and win the approval of my parents
    • Buying into all of the materialistic, external-success-oriented values of mainstream US culture
    • Feeling like a freak and a failure
    • Saying ‘yes’ when I felt a ‘no’
    • Beating myself up (not to mention my body) with binge eating and brutal self-talk
    • Hiding my light
    • Mentally agonizing over every move I made
    It was as if all of the personal growth work I had done had vanished the moment I set foot in the States. No matter how authentic and untethered I had felt abroad, I had no clue about how to sustain ‘True Self-hood’ in my home land.

    One thing I did know was that I couldn’t genuinely blossom as myself until I consciously & courageously released myself from the grips of those old, buried, crushing conditioning messages, telling me who I was and how to be.

    But I learned so much. Not only about myself, but about what it truly means
    – and requires – to claim and live one’s own life.

    I also learned how not alone I was in my lostness.

    So many of us are living lives that don’t feel like our own. Lives our parents wanted for us. Lives that our educations supposedly prepped us for, but we no longer relate to. Lives that kind of “just happened.”

    Like the Talking Heads song, we find ourselves asking, “How did I get here?!” And instead of blossoming, we find ourselves wilting — feeling trapped, confused and hopeless. Many of us become paralyzed by our overly analytic minds, or caught up in a chaos-creating cycle, making one emotionally charged decision after another.

    This is why I’ve become unwaveringly committed to making the “path home to self” easier, more enjoyable — and hopefully much smoother! — for others.


    I am absolutely convinced that I wouldn’t be the resilient, adaptive, persistent and faith-filled person I am today if I hadn’t spent so much time engaging in the Creative Process.

    It’s through the Creative Process (I’m not talking about creating fine art here) that we learn how to feel comfortable-enough in the unknown. Blossoming authentically requires that we ‘hang in there’ even when it’s highly uncomfortable. It asks us to trust something deep — often invisible — within ourselves, even when the pressures and expectations of the world are mounting all around us, pushing us to get our acts together and become Impressive Success and/or Pleaser Machines.

    Creativity also invites us in. Whenever we let go of a ‘Life Should’ and enter a playful space, we give ourselves the opportunity to explore (even get absorbed in) our rich, fertile inner world. For service-oriented beings especially, there is no greater medicine.


    While the Creative Process preserved my spirit, I’d have to say that it was an enthusiastic encounter with Human Design that grounded — and ultimately allowed me to fully embrace — my authentic life.

    For those of you who have never heard of Human Design, it is a mysteriously practical, relevant and life-changing system for understanding, honoring and liberating your uniqueness. In its essence, it is a practice of Self-Trust. One of the biggest gifts of Human Design is that it helps you learn how to put something ELSE in charge of your life than your logical mind. It gives you:

    • something to turn to when you feel pressured, overwhelmed or overstimulated
    • a more natural, ease-filled way to move through this world, and…
    • an authority inside of you — a TRUTH compass — that is consistent, reliable and unique to you

    In the end, this is all about you learning how to trust yourself, how to become the authority in your own life, and how to honor your unique timing—no matter what anyone else is saying…me included! So please don’t think you’ve got to swallow what’s in this self-study course whole. Think of it like Buddhist meditation, or a fun personal science experiment. Try it out for yourself, and see if it works!

    Finally, one of my deepest intentions is to form a bridge between traditional Human Design and some of the beautiful transpersonal work being done by Richard Rudd (through The Gene Keys) and Werner and Laura Pitzal (through Integral Human Design).


    There is of course one more absolutely essential ingredient to any blossoming journey.

    A village of compassion. I’d never be as “blossomy” as I am today without people who believed in, encouraged, challenged, listened to, cheered on, unconditionally loved, and sometimes not-so-gently nudged me out of my Insecurity Shell.

    I am forever grateful to my friends, family, mentors, role models, clients, students, and fellow bloomers like you… It is ultimately through our relationships that the value of our own lives are reflected back to us, (no matter how society looks at what we do, no matter how invisible we may feel at times, no matter how ridiculously our work is taken for granted), especially during those multitudes of moments when we can’t see it ourselves.

    Because of this, I want to encourage you to surround yourself with personal support and a community of compassion as you enter into and move through this experience. Consider ‘blossoming’ together with a group of friends. Share your experiences, expressions and epiphanies with the people you feel most safe with, who know you well, and who genuinely celebrate in your blossoming.

    Designed to Blossom has been designed to unfold like a multi-petaled flower.

    Throughout the program, you’ll be guided—petal-by-petal—down, around and through a fun, educational and creatively-inspiring path. Often I’ll be visiting you in the form of lovingly crafted videos, either to provide you with an educational lesson or extend an experiential invitation.

    And as you probably suspect, the more heart and soul you put into this adventure, the more you’re likely to get out of it. To grow big and strong, flowers need time and attention.


    • Fully embrace all parts of yourself, and enjoy the abundance of energy that naturally flows your way when you stop fighting your true nature
    • Access & TRUST your inner Truth Compass, no matter is what is going on around you
    • Discover new (even fun) ways of making decisions with grace and certainty
    • Liberate your mind from rigid life agendas and “goals,” without giving up your dreams and desires
    • Know what people and places are actually healthy for you
    • Explore whether you are a person who actually thrives from “making it happen,” or someone who’s beautifully built to receive and respond
    • Discover the surprising ways your body is designed to guide you in making the very best choices
    • Stop the constant self-judgment and nagging self-doubts that are keeping you stuck and afraid to be who you really are

    • A Case for Creativity
    • Your Balance Flower
    • Your Passion Flower

    • Why Is This Self-love/Life-purpose Thing So Hard?!
    • Your Conditioning Flower
    • The Human Design System — an Introduction

    • The Scrumptious Science of Surrender
    • Your Unique Kind of Flower
    • (An Introduction to your “Type” — in Human Design lingo)
    • Are You Blossoming or Wilting?

    • The Blossoming Bodygraph
    • (A deeper look into the human body from an energetic perspective)
    • The Nine Centers
    • (The Human Design-inspired 9-Centered Chakra system)

    • Nature AND Nurture (Yup; it’s BOTH!)
    • The Beauty — and Challenge — of Openness (the nurturing … and de-railing… potential of our innate receptivity)
    • Are Your Open Chakras BLOOMING?!

    • Your Unique & Trusty Truth Compass
    • (How you’re designed to access your truth when making decisions)

    • Your Unique Role in the World
    • (An Introduction to “Profile” — in Human Design lingo)

    • What are The Gene Keys?
    • (An introduction to a more transpersonal, integral & archetypal perspective on Human Design, inspired by the work of Richard Rudd, Werner and Laura Pitzal)
    • I will also share other resources to support your unfolding journey (e.g. The Wisdom Keepers Oracle Deck & Books).

    • Lovingly-created instructional, inspirational and experiential videos throughout the course
    • Woven-together Lessons on Blossoming, the Creative Process, the Human Design System and the Gene Key
    • Accompanying playsheets and experiential invitations, all designed to help you explore, experiment with and integrate what you’re learning
    The Designed to Blossom Creative Workbook & Foundational Course
    in Human Design

    This book includes all of the material from this course and is great for those who want quick-and-easy access to what's presented here. It's available in full color, black/white and e-book versions on Amazon.

    The Designed to Blossom
    Resource Book

    This Resource Book is a friendly place for Human Design enthusiasts wanting to expand their understanding, refine their experiment and receive heartfelt guidance. Integrating humanistic psychology, the Gene Keys and more, Rosy reflects over a rich collection of themes, challenges and questions that have arisen over her many years working closely with Human Design and Gene Keys students and clients. Full of simplicity, wisdom and kindness, this book is a fantastic resource for those who have:

    • explored Human Design elsewhere, but are longing for a nuanced, compassionate, relationally-grounded and paradox-embracing way of working with this powerful system
    • wanted to bridge Human Design with Richard Rudd’s Gene Keys, and Rudd’s and Pitzal’s Integral Human Design
    • already purchased the Designed to Blossom online course or Creative Workbook and would love some extra guidance and support.

    The Wisdom Keepers
    Oracle Deck

    The Wisdom Keepers Oracle Deck is an empowering tool of self-acceptance and understanding, a playful way to embrace our shadows with love and uncover the gifts that only we can bring to the world.

    The 64 Faces of Awakening (and the writing in The Wisdom Keepers Inner Guidebook) are deeply connected to Richard Rudd’s visionary book the Gene Keys, and are incarnations of the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, and the archetypal themes at the foundation of our universe.

    Keep an eye out for a new Wisdom Keepers Addition
    to the Designed to Blossom Course!

    Rosy's unique approach to Human Design will empower you to meet life head-on with vitality, and to respond to everyday (and very human!) challenges with creative grounding, emotional maturity and self-respect.

    Jovian Archive Corporation is the international rights holder for the Human Design system,
    as well as the teachings of Ra Uru Hu, the system’s originator.
    Key words and concepts related to “The Spectrum of Consciousness”
    by Richard Rudd’s The Gene Keys, Gene Keys Publishing © 2009

    Your Instructor

    Rosy Aronson, PhD
    Rosy Aronson, PhD

    Rosy Aronson, PhD, is an inspirational artist, author, teacher, blossoming guide and ordained spiritual counselor with a Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy, a Doctorate in Intuitive Listening & the Creative Arts, and many years experience and training in Gene Keys and Human Design. Her deepest intention is to provide empowering tools for people to awaken their Inner Wisdom Keeper and bloom into their authentic selves. An avid permission-giver, pressure-dissolver and embracer of the unknown, Rosy believes we are literally designed to blossom, and the more each of us radically trusts, honors and expresses our true nature, the more magic we can create together.

    Rosy has created rich, fun and transformative offerings over the years including Books, Courses, Art, Film, various Global Outreach projects, as well as the globally-loved Wisdom Keepers. All her work reflects powerful compassionate healing archetypes that lie at the foundation of our universe, providing us with inspiration and support. The Wisdom Keepers grace a beautiful Oracle Deck and Inner Guidebook (deeply inspired by the Gene Keys), a coloring book, gifts, tools, many online courses-to-come, and more.

    Rosy’s artwork has graced public shows and private collections in the U.S. and Europe. Currently focusing on art, writing and teaching, she lives with her Danish husband and daughter in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

    Course Curriculum

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      Move Beyond the Map (Petal 7)
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    When does the course start and finish?
    The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
    How long do I have access to the course?
    How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
    What if I am unhappy with the course?
    We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.



    You tend to be quite self-aware, intuitive, empathetic and compassionate. You get – intuitively — that if our world is going to thrive, we’re gonna have to start acknowledging and relying on our interconnectedness. At the same time, in your desire to serve and support others, you may have managed to forget yourself entirely, or at least some important aspects of yourself. You are likely to feel more than your fair share of guilt, responsibility, stress and overwhelm. You probably miss yourself at a very deep level.


    You’re willing to explore fun and effective ways to access your truth, even if that means trying something new, not doing something perfectly, or graciously bypassing your mind! You don’t (necessarily) consider yourself or want to become a fine artist, but you’re probably more intrinsically creative than you think!


    You certainly enjoy learning in a receptive way, but you’re also up for playing with the information you receive. In other words, you like to explore and integrate what you learn through actual, hands-on experience. (This program’s content is not meant to be swallowed whole. Think of it like meditation and Buddhism. You get to try it out for yourself, and see if it works!)


    Even if you’re used to pushing, driving or bulldozing your way forward in life, you welcome the opportunity to stop, listen and seriously entertain a radical shift — either in direction, or in your way of moving towards it.


    I’ve intentionally created this program for those who want to dive deep into a learning process that allows a great deal of flexibility and freedom. To participate, you don’t have to be in a specific place in the world. You don’t have to show up at a particular time. You’ll be able to access to all of the information right from the start, and you can take things at your own pace. I want this to be a fun, gentle and natural experience for you.


    You’re curious to learn more about this mysteriously practical system, and you want to learn how an understanding of your own design can help you access your truth and make authentic, empowering decisions in your life. However, you’re totally open to learning about this system through Rosy’s unique, eclectic and “flowery” lens.

    One of my deepest intentions is to form a bridge between traditional Human Design and some of the beautiful transpersonal work being done by Richard Rudd (through The Gene Keys) and Werner and Laura Pitzal (through Integral Human Design). (If you’re interested in a more formal introduction to the system, or in becoming an internationally recognized certified analyst, please check out the International Human Design School, Jovian Archive or Human Design America. You’ll find plenty of wonderful resources there.)


    More than anything, you want to learn how to trust yourself, how to become the authority in your own life, and how to honor your unique timing — no matter what anyone else is saying… me included!

    This is what I want for you. And this is what I offer: a love of uniqueness, and a deep faith that there is a place here in this world for all of us. You too.

    I would be so honored if together we can help you find a way to blossom into your absolutely unique and lovable self… so that you can enjoy, relax and serve from your perfect place in the Garden.



    Get started now!